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About Us

We are a social travel agency and collaborate with various Colombian NGO's, located in the city of Bucaramanga, Colombia. Bucara Voluntours has been created in 2023 to reunite the volunteering options of our foundations. Together, we offer an all-in-one volunteering package containing volunteering at various of our foundations, enriched with Spanish lessons, Salsa classes and many explore & diversion activities. 

We are also a Spanish Academy for travellers in Bucaramanga. Spanish Classes can be booked apart from the Volunteering program.

Our goal is to show Colombia and in particular the beautiful city of Bucarmanga to our participants the most authentic way. With Bucara Voluntours, you will see places and meet people you would never do travelling on your own. 

Spanish Academy for travellers in Bucaramanga

Meet the Team

Social tourism is our passion. We are here to make your travel experience in Bucaramanga unique and unforgettable.

Simon Gygax


Simon Gygax

"Born in Switzerland, traveled through Colombia in 2023 and served a long time as a volunteer myself. Founded Bucara Voluntours to pass this beautiful experience to everyone."

Sharon Anez

Language Teacher

Sharon Anez

Born in Venezuela, Sharon is a native speaking and certified language trainer, based in Bucaramanga. She is also keen in English and German and the perfect Spanish coach for your stay in Colombia.

Edwin Rojas Team Bucara Voluntours.jpg

Leader Foundation "Capaz"

Edwin Rojas

"I grew up in the district "Transicion" in Bucaramanga, it's a very traditional "Barrio" with a lot of history. With my foundation, we are improving the life of the children and the people of our district and I am looking forward to show you all our work in person."

Laura Vargas


Laura Vargas

Born in Bucaramanga and more than 10 years of experience in social tourism make Laura the perfect coordinator to show you the city and Colombia from it's most authentic side. 

Karem Blanco Team Bucara Voluntours.jpg

Leader Foundation "Huellas"

Karem Blanco

"I am a social worker and I love to create spaces for exchange and learning.
I believe in new opportunities, I believe in transformation, I believe that if we can make a difference, there is hope."

Heriberto Flores Team Bucara Voluntours.png

Leader Foundation "Nuevos Horizontes"

Heriberto Flores

"I work since 23 years in the Modelo prison of Bucaramanga. I founded the "Nuevos Horizontes" Foundation because I realized that with a bit of help and support, everyone in the prison can achieve a transformation and reach out for new Opportunities and a second chance."

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