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Amores De 4 Patas

"Amores de 4 Patas" - "Love on 4 paws" is an NGO which offers accomodation to animals like dogs and cats who ended up on the streets. In the middle of a nature park with espectacular landscape and a calming atmosphere, you can find their animal resort, which is a home for more than 100 dogs and cats.

About the NGO

Founded in 2010, the NGO rescued already far more than 1000 animals from the Colombian streets. They give them accommodation in beautiful nature shelters with a lot of space.


Furthermore, they take care on required vaccinations, sterilization, nutrition and hygiene. 

The location is covered with thousands of lemon trees, which they use to produce delicious lemonade and to partly finance the foundation. 


You as a volunteer

As a volunteer, you can simply enjoy this beautiful space in the nature. Want to calm down for a few days and only focus on your self and a few dogs? This is the perfect spot for you. 

You can have daily walks with the dogs, play with the animals, feed them and just enjoy the nature. Hygiene services don't have to be executed by volunteers.

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