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CAPAZ stands for "Cultura" (Culture), "Arte" (Arts) and "Paz" (Peace). The NGO is located in fragile districts in the north of Bucaramanga, Colombia. As their name tells, they are working on improving the quality of the district and the life of it's inhabitants by cultural, arts, and peace-forming activities, but also in the area of sports.

About the NGO

The activities of CAPAZ are divers. They are collaborating with artists and are painting the walls of their district with beautiful murals. 

But they are also working with the kids and adults on music, dance and sports activities. 

Their goal is to improve the quality of life in the north of Bucaramanga, and to tranform the area from a dangerous into a tourist-friendly spot. 


You as a volunteer

As a volunteer, you can support the foundation in various activities. Do you like arts? Help the crew in painting a beautiful mural. Do you like sports? Have some training sessions with the kids.

Do you like music? Show the community your talents and have a nice Jam session. Love dancing? Have a dance lesson with the kids! 

Feel free to bring your own ideas as well. CAPAZ is waiting for you!

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