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Explora Bucaramanga

"Explora BGA" is a foundations which reminds a lot of the Commune 13 in Medellin. They are active in a district which was one of the most violent areas of Bucarmanga, Colombia. With murals, tourist routes with nice view, many cultural and music activities, they are transforming the "commune 14" of Bucaramanga into a tourist-friendly and beautiful district. 

About the NGO

The main offer of "Explora BGA" are community-friendly and ecological tours through the "commune 14" of Bucaramanga, Colombia. 

The tours have a duration of 2-3 hours and participants can learn a lot about Colombian history, interact with the inhabitants of the district, have dance sessions to "Cumbia music" and much more. 

A lot of fun and great learnings promised.


You as a volunteer

The ecological route through the "commune 14" of Bucaramanga is included in the program for all our volunteers. It is a great option to explore the city and learn about the cities and the countries history. 

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