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Huellas is a social project which provides emotional education to children and adolescents who are in conditions of vulnerability and high risk.

They focus on workshops in groups as the main learning setting. This allows participants to exchange and interact on many topics, as well as to reinforce positive behavior and attitudes. 

About the NGO

One of the principles of "Huellas" program is to recognize the positive changes of the participants and at the same time to mobilize them to have a different way of resolving their conflicts. 

The goal is to help the children and adoloscents who participate in the program to become educated, friendly and helpful adults. 


You as a volunteer

As a volunteer, you can support the project in many areas. You can support the crew in educational workshops, you can play games with the kids or have sport sessions. 

As the NGO supports the creativity of volunteers, every skill and every idea is welcome. 

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