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Volunteer in Colombia

Volunteer in Colombia the authentic way.

Get your personalized Volunteer & Spanish program with Bucara Voluntours.

Do you like travelling, but with a good cause?

Want to break out of your daily routine for a little bit? Ready to meet local and likeminded people and enjoy a good and impactful time? Ever wanted to learn or improve your Spanish, dance Salsa and explore Colombia with many spectacular excursions, adventurous and fun activities? All this, while supporting social projects and visiting beautiful foundations? 

Volunteer now in Colombia and get surprised by our beautiful projects in the beautiful city of Bucaramanga.


Bucara Voluntours is a social travel agency and a Spanish School in Bucaramanga and has the perfect volunteer opportunities for your stay in Colombia.

Volunteer Programs In Colombia

Volunteer for beautiful projects

Support beautiful projects, enjoy childrens laughter, have football sessions with prisoners, or walk with dogs through beautiful landscapes.


We have many great volunteer opportunities for you. Make a social impact and take unforgettable experiences and many beautiful moments with you. 

Learn Spanish in Bucaramanga

Learn or improve your Spanish in groups or tailored private classes. Our Spanish Academy counts with certificated and native speaking Spanish Teachers. We offer immersive programs and individual classes for all levels of Spanish in a professional, but fun way. 

Learn Spanish in Bucaramanga
Explore & Enjoy Colombia

Explore & Enjoy Colombia

Learn how to dance Salsa, Enjoy spectacular excursions & many adventures, view the Chicamocha canyon paragliding from the air and explore Colombia in it's most authentic way!


Discover the region and the city of Bucaramanga, Santander in Colombia. We are waiting for you!


Connect with local people and meet new friends during your social travel adventure. Stay at one of the most popular hostels during your volunteer & adventure program in Bucaramanga, Colombia. 

volunteer & adventure program in Bucaramanga, Colombia.

What we do

We are Bucara Voluntours and social tourism is our passion. We are a Volunteering and Social Travel Agency based in the beautiful city of Bucaramanga. Based on your interests, we will assemble your personalized Volunteer & Adventure program. During 1 - 3 weeks, you will support NGO's, interact with children or with animals, learn Spanish, dance Salsa, meet a lot of nice people and explore Colombia in it's most authentic way. Our volunteer programs are specifically tailored for your wishes. If you love the nature, we take you on many great hikes and excursions. If you like adrenaline, we have fun activities like river rafting, zip lining or even Bungee Jumping ready for you. The best volunteer opportunity you can find in Colombia!

Reviews from our Volunteers

Yannick, 29, Germany

"I love Bucaramanga, I had an amazing time volunteering and doing many crazy adventures in the beautiful region."

Daniel, 36, Spain

" I had the chance to discover places in Colombia I would never have discovered by myself. Very authentic volunteering experience!"

Joanna, 54, England

"I was a bit worried about being a little bit older and doing such an active program. But it was absolutely fine, had a lot of fun!"

Joe, 54, USA

"If you want to explore the real Colombia and do something more impactful, then this is definetly for you!"

John, 29, Switzerland

"I had an amazing time in Bucaramanga, beautiful projects and very well organized. A great volunteer opportunity!"

Antonia, 34, Germany

"We visited beautiful places togehter, places which I never had discovered without Bucara Voluntours. Great Experience!"

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