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Your Social Adventure with Bucara Voluntours

You will have an amazing time in Bucaramanga, full of heartwarming experiences visiting our foundations. Play Games and interact with children and Teenagers, have language exchanges, visit a reintegration program in a Colombian prison or spend some valuable time in a dog resort playing with animals.  


You will explore Colombia the most authentic way - We show you interesting places and take you to beautiful hikes and excursions. You will learn hands-on from local people about the history and the culture of Colombia - the music, the food, and of course the dances. Enjoy an unforgettable life experience in Bucaramanga, Colombia.

How a typical week with Bucara Voluntours looks like


Spend as many days as you wish with our foundations, having Sports sessions, table games or English classes with the participants.

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Enjoy many great hikes, walking tours and explore activities in and around the city of Bucaramanga, Colombia.

Bucara Voluntours Walking Tour Bucaramanga.jpg


Learn or Improve your Spanish with native speaking and certified Teachers in our Spanish Academy in Bucaramanga, Colombia.

Bucara Voluntours Spanish Academy Group


Many great activities are waiting for you. FInd yourself paragliding, visiting a coffee farm, horse riding or even bungee jumping.

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How it works and what you can expect



Visit many interesting foundations. Your social activites will be interesting and fun - we don't expect you to "work". Find yourself playing games or doing sports activities with children, practice music instruments or dance choreos, listening to motivational speaches in a prison or spending your days in a dog resort below palm trees.



Enrich your social adventure with Spanish Classes or Latin dance classes. Furthermore, you can book many nice activities like paragliding, horse riding, lagoon or canyon excursions and many beautiful tours to explore the beautiful region around Bucaramanga in Colombia.


Your Stay

You will be accomodated in Bucaramangas most popular Hostel where you will meet many likeminded people. 

Choose between private or shared-room options and define the duration of your stay.

Example of a possible Schedule


  • Accommodation in the Zamia Hostal of Bucaramanga

  • City Tours & Nature Hikes

  • All transportations during your stay and from/to airport

  • Lunch

  • All social activities

  • Donations for participating foundations

  • 24/7 in-country support

  • Guide in EN / ES / DE

  • Drinking water 24/7



  • Flights from / to Bucaramanga

  • Vaccinations

  • Visa (if required)

  • Travel Insurance (mandatory)


Price in USD
1 Week
2 Weeks
3 Weeks
4 Weeks & more
280 per week
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Participating Foundations

Bucara Voluntours Foundation CAPAZ Bucaramanga Colombia

Foundacion CAPAZ

CAPAZ stands for "Cultura, Arte & Paz". The foundation is located in a vulnerable neighbourhood and improves the life for the community and above all for the children with many coultural, music, dance and arts activities.


The foundation will give you a unique tour through a district you normally wouldn't have access to. You will learn a lot about their history, interact with the community in various activities, learn about traditional Colombian dance styles and music intsruments. 

Furthermore, you will have lunch with a local family and taste authentic meals.


Nuevos Horizontes

For sure one of the most surprising foundations you will ever visit. Located in the Modelo state prison of Bucaramanga, the foundations "Nuevos Horizontes (new horizons) offers a reintegration and detoxication program for prisoners who suffer from addictions. 

Without any medication, but with a lot of sports, dancing, music, psycological and educational activities they already changed or even safed the life of hundrets of men. 

It's a heartwarming and surprising experience to visit this prison and it's foundation and for sure not what you would expect!

Bucara Voluntours_Huellas.heic

Foundacion HUELLAS

Huellas is a social project which provides emotional education to children and adolescents.

They focus on workshops in groups as the main learning setting. This allows participants to exchange and interact on many topics, as well as to reinforce positive behavior and attitudes. 

As a volunteer, you can support the project in many areas. You can support the crew in educational workshops, you can play games with the kids or have sport sessions.

Bucara Voluntours Foundation Goles por la Paz

Goles por la Paz

"Goles por la paz" acts in one of the most vulnerable neighbourhoods in the north of Bucaramanga.


A team of  social workers, psychologists and physical trainers works with children and teenagers between 5-16 years of age. This mixed team, which is regularly supported by volunteers delivers a sports and educational program to around 200 children.


The foundation has access to two sports pitches, where you can participate in the sports activities or play interactive games with the children.

amoresde4patas_bucara voluntours_volunteer_in_colombia_with_dogs_and_animals.jpg

"Amores de 4 patas"

"Amores de 4 Patas" - "Love on 4 paws" is an NGO which offers accomodation to animals like dogs and cats who ended up on the streets.


In the middle of a nature park with espectacular landscape and a calming atmosphere, you can find their animal resort, which is a home for more than 100 dogs and cats.

As a volunteer, you can go on walks with the dogs, play with and feed them and just enjoy the nature. Hygiene services don't have to be executed by volunteers.

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