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  • Janosch T.

The most authentic way we got to explore Colombia

Updated: Apr 26

Text by Janosch and Lara from Switzerland, April 2024:

As we had already traveled to Colombia for a longer period two years ago, we thought that we already knew the real Colombia. The opposite turned out to be true when we started our adventure with Bucara Voluntours in March, 2024.

On the very first day, we got to explore an incredibly authentic Colombia and it got better every day. Thanks to Simon and Laura, we were able to experience things in one week that we couldn't even imagine before. For example, we gained insights into the lives and culture of local people, played with the children of a local foundation and had fun trying our hand at the traditional tejo game in a Colombian pub.

For a change of pace, we went to San-Gil, where on the way we drove over the second largest canyon in the world, the Chicamocha Canyon. Once we arrived in San-Gil, we practiced extreme sports activities such as river rafting and ziplining.

We really enjoyed the mix of authentic experiences, cultural insights and exciting activities! The fact that we were able to design our program flexibly according to our own wishes made the whole thing even better.

This project is made for people who want to experience the real Colombia and are interested in local conditions. If you're also interested in a good mix of exciting activities, you've absolutely come to the right place!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you, Simon and Laura, once again! We were able to experience moments that will stay with us for a lifetime and can hardly wait to come back! ❤


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