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  • Amina M.

Exploring the Unexpected: My unforgettable Experience as a Volunteer in Colombia

Updated: Apr 26

Text by Amina from France, February 2024

This experience is certainly one of the most significant that I had in my life. Simon and Laura did everything so that I have the best time as a Volunteer in Bucaramanga and they succeeded. Everything was amazing, the foundations I volunteered for, the activities to get to know the city and the Colombian culture, the Spanish courses with an amazing teacher…

I really recommend this Volunteering project if you want to experience the authentic Colombia, get to know part of Colombia that you usually don't see, you get to know so many local people and see places you don't really go to. For example, I got to exchange with local children and teenager from a popular area. I also got the chance to help them with english, to play games with them and show them some french games, to exchange about our cultures and countries.

With the Spanish teacher, we had a cooking class where she taught us how to make arepas 😋, while exchanging and listening to good Colombian music. I also visited a prison and exchange with the people there which one was of the most significant experience for me.

The fact that the Volunteer program is really customizable to your need is one of the added value of this project.

Every single moment that I lived during the Volunteer Program is unforgettable and I really can not wait to come back😍 Bucaramanga and Colombia is truly a gem. Thank you so much Simon and Laura and all the foundations for the amazing, unforgettable time and the most authentic and unforgettable experience I had in Bucaramanga, Colombia.


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